James Bensdorf, M.Ed. 
Educational Therapist, School Consultant
200 E Pearson Apt 5W

Chicago, IL 60611
(847) 987-8721

welcome Parents

The first few weeks of school, students adjust to new demands. Homework and after school routines begin. Parents and teachers evaluate how children are coping. If children, parents and teachers are frustrated, the time to talk to an educational therapist is an option. A phone call is the first step. Have a conversation to assess the therapist’s willingness to listen to your concerns related to growth and learning in the school setting. A personal visit with a child and parents provides opportunities for observations and assessments regarding developmental issues inhibiting success in learning environments. A process of diagnostic teaching, engaging in teacher/learner relationships helps in determining individualized, tailored goals for treatment. I would enjoy engaging in conversation if the need arises. Please call  or email to ask about my educational therapy and school consultation services and how we can work together to design plans to "Make School Better."