When school is hard for children it affects the entire household routine from preparing for school in the morning through homework time in the evening, creating stress in relationships. Unhappy children wait impatiently for school days to end. They complete their work impulsively, to get it done hurriedly. Unhappy children often work harder at avoiding unrewarding and unpleasant school assignments rather than engaging in them.

There are many reasons school assignments are hard for children.

  • Teachers' instructions may be unclear to the child.
  • Children become confused during key instructional periods, loosing focus and attention.
  • Mis-perceptions regarding expectations results in grade reductions and low self-esteem about meeting school demands.

Educational Therapy provides individualized treatment, offering students opportunities to learn and implement new organizational strategies and study skills. One hour long sessions on a regular basis enhances students' confidence that leads to improved grades.

Academic Remediation is necessary to fill in the leftover learning gaps from previous school experiences. Lessons are designed to help children catch up with their peers on skills needed to perform at grade level.

Diagnostic Teaching  is a brief treatment of several sessions to assess school and learning concerns. Summaries of student's learning profiles including perceptual and processing strengths and weaknesses are gathered to assess and gain understanding of learning concerns.

Advocacy  insures that students and families are building a multi-disciplinary team that works collaboratively to support new and productive approaches to educational programming.

Testimonials from former clients

"I finally learned to read when I was in 4th grade. Jim helped me, my family and teachers, understand my reading disability. Together we found a way to to succeed. I am beginning college and have confidence."

"I enjoyed my weekly meetings with Jim because he would listen to my stories. He taught me strategies and encouraged me to stay focused. I needed that."

"As a parent, I relied on Jim to be there when I had issues with my child and the teachers. He helped me find sensible management systems that worked at home and guided me through processes of settling conflicts with school personnel."